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29. november 2011 at 11:10

Related article: ET M/I Quantity Prescribed 4243 B The Quantity Prescribed is missing (zeros). D D D D EU M/I Prior Authorization Type Code 4244 B The Prior Authorization Type Code does not match one of the valid values specified for the field (see below) OR The Prior Authorization type code is missing and the Prior Authorization number is present. Edits 30 (m/i pa/mc code and number) and 57 (pa/mc#) are not supported in 5.1. The corresponding 5.1 edits are EU (m/i pa type code - 1 byte) and EV (m/i pa number submitted - 11 bytes ) valid values ?=Not Specified1=Prior Authorization 2=Medical Certification 3=EPSDT (Early Periodic Screening Diagnosis Treatment) 4=Exemption from Copay 5=Exemption from RX 6=Family Plan. Indic. 7=AFDC (Aid to Families with Dependent Children) 8=Payer Defined Exemption D D D D EU M/I Prior Authorization Type Code 4584 B IN Medicaid: valid values = 0 or 6 - family planning Generic Clonazepam Online (pregnancy indicator now uses field 2C) B B B B EV M/I Prior Authorization Number Submitted 4245 B The Prior Authorization Number Submitted is missing and the prior authorization type code equals �PA�. B B B B EW M/I Intermediary Authorization Type ID 4940 B M/I Intermediary Authorization Type ID B B B B EX M/I Intermediary Authorization ID
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